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If arrested in Oldham County you will be presented in District Court for arraignment and to set bond or entertain bond reduction. Up until you appear in front of the judge, your bond was set by pretrial services. District Court gains jurisdiction for misdemeanors and felonies, initially. The jurisdiction over felonies will transfer to Circuit Court once that set of circumstances is presented to the grand jury. Circuit Court is a criminal court too, and has jurisdiction over all felony cases in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. District Court is occupied and prosecuted by County Attorneys. This is the slang that results. "The case was dismissed but the Commonwealth picked it up." "It is going up." "It went up the elevators."  

If a case is dismissed in District Court, and it is a felony, the case can be presented to the grand jury. There is no statute of limitations on felonies in Kentucky and jurisdiction is proper. Because labs on drugs were not back in time for a district court pretrial or a witness was not available in District Court, the case could be dismissed. The Officer notifies the Commonwealth Attorney's Office and they schedule a date for the Grand Jury.  

If an indictment ensues then the Commonwealth successfully "picked it up." The case went up, or up the elevators. The "up" and "up the elevators" reference is describing the courts physical situation. In Oldham County, District Court resides on 1st Floor in Lagrange, Kentucky. Circuit Court resides on the 3rd floor in a much more ornate court room than district court. The cases literally went up, and probably did take the elevator. This up and down analogy is true in many jurisdictions. Higher Courts have always been held to mean courts who cannot accept appeals from other courts, lower courts. "The Supreme Court is the highest court in America." So, if new buildings are made Circuit, or a states felony jurisdictional courts are usually physically above district courts, or misdemeanor courts.   

A sidenote: "Kentucky is a Commonwealth State and will throw the books at you." Hearing this too much and it is driving me crazy. Kentucky is a Commonwealth State, just like Pennsylvania, Virginia and Massachusetts. The term Commonwealth really translates to the word "State" today and since the inception of its name. It is politically based, surprise, and was just these states determination to use the word "commonwealth" so close to the War of Independence. Like every other commonwealth and state, Kentucky's criminal law is reduced to statutes further defined by caselaw. There is no difference between Commonwealths and States in the Union.  

Most people in the process of being arrested or property being searched for illegal substances or crime evidence are thinking of a lawyer, the best lawyer. It would be interesting to see the image of an attorney imagined by the person being arrested or whose property is being searched. I bet they envision an attorney that resembles a superhero. Their superhero lawyer would be the best criminal lawyer and best criminal trial attorney in Oldham County, and the world! An attorney who could sweep down to the location of the arrest or search and foil probable cause, setting them free.  
Everyone wants to feel safe, to discuss their problems, to know where they are going and what to expect on the way. Since a superhero is non-existent they do what everyone does, too. Hire an attorney. If they haven't settled for an attorney somewhere along the way, they find me. I am Brendan McLeod and I am a criminal defense lawyer in Oldham County and Louisville, Kentucky, since 2002.  

Panicked and on a smart phone or their friends are on a smart phone, they type:
"Criminal attorneys near me?"
"Criminal attorneys in Oldham County?"
"Criminal defense attorneys in Oldham County?"
"Best defense attorneys in Oldham County?"
"Best criminal defense attorney?"
"Best criminal defense attorney in Oldham County?"
"Who is the best criminal trial attorney?"
"Who is the best at plea deals?" 
"Who can get my case dismissed, or if not, probated?"
"Who is the best criminal trial attorney and deal maker? What is their experience? What is their background?"

The most important question and the question whose answer will feel apparent. What is my gut feeling?  
See "Zealous Advocate and Trial Attorney" below.  

Brendan McLeod: Zealous Advocate and Trial Attorney

Brendan McLeod has more that 17 years of experience and more than 70 jury trials. The best criminal attorney for the job he will bring a calm to your storm. First and foremost, and it may be too late, but TAKE 5 and SHUT UP.  The Fifth Amendment, or Take 5, is the first step of isolating the facts and circumstances out of your control.  UNDERSTAND that you will not explain your way out of anything.  This isn't high school and the officers are not hall monitors.  BE QUIET AND GO.  If I am your attorney it won't be long for me to be there.  It won't be long until I whopper-jaw the case!   Let the case begin.  

Brendan has superior control and knowledge of the Kentucky Revised Statutes only second to his control and wide breadth of understanding the Kentucky Rules of Evidence and its application. The best attorney understands the Rules of Evidence, the gatekeeper of evidence in every trial.   Not talked about often, not even in law school, the rules of evidence is where everything ends up. It is surprising how many attorneys, new to the practice and others practicing much longer than me, are confused and get lost in the Rules of Evidence.  It is deadly because every substantive motion on one side or the other is trying to control what evidence is admitted, and to what capacity, or not, at trial. Make it easy to understand, evidence controls what the jurors hear.  Motions to Suppress, Illegal Searches and others are trying to control what is admissible at trial. ALL the motions leading to trial are evidentiary motions. They all hinge upon the Rules of Evidence and their interaction in any particular case.  The best attorney is well versed in Evidence will be more effective than the lawyer who can regurgitate caselaw.  

Brendan McLeod brings this experience and knowledge to the courtroom to provide you with a comprehensive, articulate and aggressive defense. Brendan's numerous trials since 2002 have earned him the reputation of being one of the most confrontational criminal defense attorneys in the area. It is nothing that he has strived for, but one of his older brothers says it was something he was born with. 

Brendan had his first trial as a criminal defense lawyer 4 months after passing the Kentucky Bar. An Assault in the First Degree and his client facing 10-20 years at 85%, but the  jury was out less than 20 minutes acquitting Phillip E. Lewis. He is still a good friend and wants his name here. During this trial Brendan takes the 2x2 produced as reciprocal discovery in his hands and walks to the medical examiner. After a series of questions Brendan asked, "if I took this club and hit you clean across your head, you think it could knock you out?" The answer was "yes."   Brendan never prosecuted and has found a niche in his ability to cross the Not Guilty Touchdown threshold. Let him be your criminal defense attorney and let you have a piece of mind.   

Usually you want an attorney from the jurisdiction where you were arrested.  If cited in Oldham County, La Grange proper, more likely than not you want an attorney in Oldham County.  Find an attorney near you or close so that it does not bring up attorneys that are not even close to the jurisdiction such as one or two counties away.  If the case is all whopperjawed and will never settle, my experience shows that the best trial attorney is who you hire.  It doesn't matter where they come from if licensed to practice law in Oldham County. You want the best trial attorney and certainly an attorney who is not going to curry favor from the police officers or prosecution.  I have not lost a trial outside of Oldham County.  

Check out a small subset of his trials, EPO hearings, suppression hearings and others placed on YouTube Channel: KY Real Criminal Trials. **Trials are continuously uploaded and there are 16 more acquittals being formatted and organized.   

Criminal Attorney 

Not without his own problems growing up and his early, numerous scrapes with the law, Brendan has well worn his body of 50 years old. Losing his middle brother, Marty, when he was 15 years old left an indelible impression and huge serving of empathy in Brendan that is hard for him to explain.  A war veteran at age 20 and having travelled internationally as a software system's engineer helps Brendan put things in perspective when handling your real life situations.  

"Life is so fragile and lasts such a short period of time that I don't understand taking away from this finite period of time for the concept of jail and prison.  I understand the concept on paper, in black and white, but not in a sense of reality.  Drugs, reckless behavior, boys being boys and girls being girls, it is hard to envision jail or prison as the logical endpoint."  Brendan.  He acknowledges well that some people need to be off the street, but generally feels that prison is for the "thieves thieve and the murderer's murderer."  

Brendan brings the same vigor as a criminal defense lawyer to every case he works and loves to be the underdog.  Whether it is a simple DUI charge or a complex murder case the client has to be with him and understand the evidence and motion throughout the entire process. This avoids any surprises and gives everyone notice as the case moves forward.  Brendan always states that being a criminal defense attorney with 1 plus trials, 30 plus trials, 70 plus trials goes directly to the harrowing fact that you are only as good as your next, or last, trial.  He will always tell you that his next and last trial will be his best.  

He is always always happy to represent a fellow veteran in the courtroom. 

Contact Brendan McLeod today.  His cell is 502.386.1414 and that is the number you will have.  He only needs about 3 hours of sleep per day, so give him a call.  Always a free consultation.  He doesn't do free jail visits.
If you want an idea of what a steady, aggressive attorney at trial looks like, go to the office's YouTube Channel: KY Real Trial Criminal Trials.  Please subscribe.  I don't send out notices of updates or anything nerve racking.  

YouTube Channel: KY Real Criminal Defense Trials - Criminal Defense Lawyer Trials 
(This is only 9 out of 24 Circuit Court Acquittals.  Others are being uploaded.)

1. Capital Murder: Criminal Defense Trial - Six co-defendants.  Three plead and testified, three went to trial.  Two defendants convicted of Murder, Robbery, Arson and other counts.  My client, ACQUITTED ALL CHARGES.  
2. Robbery Trial - Carjacking case.  Shots fired into vehicle and trees behind car as ladies fled.  Acquitted.
3. Possession of a Handgun by a Convicted Felon Criminal Defense Trial (POHGBCF) - Or Felon in Possession - Truck pulled over for traffic violation at 3:30 am.  Occupants were taken out of the vehicle and a gun was out in the open on the floorboard on passenger side, my client.   Acquitted. 
4.  Robbery in the First Degree Criminal Defense Trial - Bellamy Apartments near UofL.   20 year old student is walking through the parking garage looking for a group of friends when approached and asked for his phone and wallet.  After bawking a beer bottle is smashed against his face leaving gashes and 71 stitches on this face.  Two young people, students, saw the assailant and one recognized him from school.  "I knew him well in high school..." She testified.  - Acquitted.    
5.  Possession of a Controlled Substance (methamphetamine), Promoting Contraband First Degree, Giving a Police Officer a False Name Criminal Defense Trial :  - Elisha worked at Bottoms Up.  She worked as a bar back and would bring drinks to patrons when occupied with a dancer.  She wore a little backpack that had notes, drugs and various sundries inside.  Police had wind she was working there and executed an arrest warrant.  They had her dress in the back and she grabbed the backpack as she was leaving.  In the backpack was methamphetamine and she was charged withe POCS 1st.  When entering the jail corrections found a switchblade and charged her with Promoting Contraband in the First Degree. She has used her sister in-law's name at Bottom's Up and her sister in-law testified at trial.  She said she didn't care that she used her name and if she had a warrant she would use someone else's name, too.  (Not a legal defense, but great jury nullification.)  Aquitted, guilty only on misdemeanor Giving an Police Officer a False Name.  Tragically, the Defendant and her sister in-law, Abby, overdosed and died within  a few years after the trial.  
6.  Assault in the First Degree Criminal Defense Trial - Defendant brought into University with injuries and was loud and belligerent.  A nurse went to occlude his mouth with tape and he ensnared her index finger, crunching the tip off.  This was on video in a room for seclusion in Room 9.  Mistrial during last witness.  Later Plead to Assault under Extreme, -10 months to server, credit time served.  Offer was 10 years to serve.  1 year, credit time served after the first trial.   
 7.  Capital Murder, Robbery in the First, Burglary in the First, Trafficking Cocaine with a Firearm Criminal Defense Trial - 
Defendant and his cousin when to some goofy guy's house to sell him cocaine.  During the visit it became apparent that the old man did not have any money.  Deceased had weird prison tattoos all over his body, painted his toenails, piercings and was a registered sex offender.  At some point things got sideways between the old guy and these two 17 year olds.  He stabbed my client through the chest piercing a lung.  My client's cousin ran out the front door and my client was stuck in the house.  At some point a gunshot is heard from the outside the house and my client stumbled out.  He collapsed on a neighbors porch.  Guilty of Manslaughter Second Degree and Trafficking with a Firearm.  Offer was 20 at 85%.  He received 15 years at 20%.     
8.  Trafficking in a Controlled Substance First Degree - Persistent Felony Offender First Criminal Defense Trial - Amusing trial.  If you want a good lesson on what makes someone stand out as someone trafficking in a controlled substance, watch the cross examination of Detective Gary Huffman.  Very good an honest detective, I didn't realize I took so much time crossing him.  It ends up like the old definition of suspects as defined by the caselaw.  Black car, blue car, young person old person, nice clothing bad clothing.  Basically anyone in, on or wearing anything could be indicia of trafficking.  Finally, asked the Charlie Sheen question after this line of questioning.  "If Charlie Sheen was driving through Louisville and was stopped with  125 grams of cocaine, would he be charged with Possession or Trafficking?" in the question asked Detective Huffman.  He stated, "Like I said, it all depends on your lifestyle."  Not guilty on Trafficking (which would have been 10 flat as PFO1), guilty of Possession, three years probated.    
9.   Assault and Terroristic Threatening Criminal Defense Trial - Hardin County -  Client was doing weekend in jail serving 90 days for a Possession of Marijuana plea (I didn't represent her on this).  During one of the weekends she was charged with Assault and Terrostic Threatening as one of the corrections officers stated she attacked her.  ACQUITTED.  

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YouTube Channel: KY Real Criminal Defense Trials Brendan McLeod.  Real criminal trials that took place in Louisville, Kentucky, Jefferson Circuit Court.  There are criminal trials dealing with murder, felon in possession of handgun, trafficking in cocaine, possession of methamphetamine, promoting contraband, Burglary 1st, Burglary 2nd, Assault 1st Trials, Robbery Trials, and more.  They are all acquittals and I think there are 11 trials up currently.  There should be 13 more acquittals to go.  Then I will upload my losses.  Losses include an Escape where the jury came back so quickly that I was shocked.  There is a story there, too.     http://www.youtube.com/c/KYRealCriminalTrialsBrendanMcLeod 

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People attorneys talk about their experience, trials, hearings, and duration of their practice.  I put my money where my mouth is.  I really don't pin myself other than the best criminal attorney in Oldham County.  Here are some of my trials.   Check it out and determine if you like my style before you approach to hire me.  Oh, please subscribe.  Thanks. 

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